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August 16, 2017

Is your life too busy to fit in ONE MORE MEETING? When you get home after work, is going out again the last thing you want to do? If attending a Council meeting to let your views be known is out of your comfort zone for whatever reason, you now have an option. You can leave a comment on any item on
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City Clerk - Bayview Cemetery Information


The Bayview Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Ketchikan. The Clerk's office maintains records of all burials and reserved graves for the cemetery, as well as maps of the cemetery. Anyone who wishes to reserve a grave, niche or crypt can visit the Clerk's office, or call for information at (907) 228-5658. The cemetery contractor can be contacted at 247-2879 (leave a message if no answer).

Rules for the Cemetery

Price List for the Cemetery