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Application for Low-Speed Vehicle Permits

April 06, 2017

Applications for Low-Speed Vehicles are now being accepted in the office of the City Manager until 5:00 p.m. on April 28, 2017. Click here for Low-Speed Vehicle Application and Map 2017
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Business Licenses


The City of Ketchikan does not have a requirement for a local business license, but rather refers to the State of Alaska business licenses. All businesses must have a State of Alaska business license in order to operate .

Itinerant merchants, those engaged in a temporary business of selling goods within the city, do not sell from stock but rather exhibit samples and take orders for future delivery. Itinerant merchant licenses may be obtained at the City Clerk's Office at 334 Front Street, Ketchikan, AK 99901.

Those engaged in selling vehicle tours that will operate on city streets must obtain a public vehicle permit. This permit is good for the calendar year in which it is obtained. In order to get a public vehicle permit, an operator must provide: a filled-out application; a vehicle inspection report performed by a city-approved mechanic (forms and list of mechanics available at the city clerk's office); proof of insurance in accordance with Ketchikan Municipal Code Section 5.40.090; and remit a fee of $25 per service.

Itinerant Merchant License

2016 Public Vehicle Application