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August 16, 2017

Is your life too busy to fit in ONE MORE MEETING? When you get home after work, is going out again the last thing you want to do? If attending a Council meeting to let your views be known is out of your comfort zone for whatever reason, you now have an option. You can leave a comment on any item on
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Electric Division - Power Outages

Customers who experience power outages are encouraged to call Bailey Powerhouse at 225-4011 to report the problem to the System Operator.  If the System Operator is on another line or is busy dispatching crews, you will automatically be transferred  to a voicemail, where you can leave a detailed message including the nature of the problem, your name, address, and contact phone number. During severe weather it becomes increasingly important for customers to call since there may be mulitple causes of an outage at several points throughout the system affecting an individual customer.

If wires are down, do not touch or go near them.  Keep children and pets clear.

What do do during an outage:

  • Verify that the breakers wthin your home's main panel are on(you may still need to be resct).
  • Contact Bailey Powerhouse at 225-4011.
  • Keep refrigerator/freezer doors closed.
  • Close doors and windows to conserve heat
  • Follow all precautions for safe home generator use.
  • Use flashlights for emergency lighting.