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Speak Up!

August 16, 2017

Is your life too busy to fit in ONE MORE MEETING? When you get home after work, is going out again the last thing you want to do? If attending a Council meeting to let your views be known is out of your comfort zone for whatever reason, you now have an option. You can leave a comment on any item on
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Request An Absentee Ballot!

August 16, 2017

Voters of the City of Ketchikan may request an absentee ballot for the regular election of October 3, 2017 by downloading the form of your preference from the City Clerk's Elections/Voting page and submitting it to the City Clerk's Office. Voters may vote by mail, in person or by electronic
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Electric Division Safety & Education

  • Report all electrical hazards to KPU immediately at 225-4011
  • Do not touch or go near downed power lines
  • To the reduce the risk of fires, the use of battery-powered lights are encouraged for emergency lighting, rather than candles
  • Tips for safe generator use

"Power Town"

  • Call 225-5505 to schedule a "Power Town" safety and education presentation in your school or class!