2023 Cruise Ship Berthing Assignment Comments/Questions

Ketchikan Port and Harbors is accepting comments and/or questions in regards to the 2023 Cruise Ship Berthing Calendar created by Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska. The most recent version can be found at: 

2023 Ketchikan Cruise Ship Berthing Calendar

Important items of note are as follows:

  • Ship size has made it impossible to do a perfect 25/25/25/25 split, as desired.  Ketchikan Municipal Code states the following:

KMC 13.08.045 Assignment of cruise ship berths.

(a)    The city will endeavor to assign cruise ships to berths in such a way that satisfies the Policy of Equitable Distribution, herein “policy,” stated in Section 13.10.19 of the Berth IV Lease, which requires, in part, that 75 percent of cruise ship passengers be allotted to Berths I, II, or III, and approximately 25 percent to Berth IV; with 100 percent of the lightered passengers allocated equally between Berths III and IV.

  • Ryus Float will be utilized, when available, to tender from ships on anchor.
  • There are days that a ship on anchor can shift to Berth I and II which will bring counts up for those berths.  June 8th is a good example of one of those days.  M/V Majestic will move in after the M/V Eurodam departs.
  • M/V Ovation and M/V Quantum on Berth II is really a ship on Berth I and II with gangway configuration.

Comments and/or questions will be accepted until March 31, 2023 at 5 p.m.