Ketchikan Medical Center Lease and Operations

The Ketchikan Medical Center (KMC), owned by the City of Ketchikan, is currently operated by PeaceHealth through a lease agreement that will expire October 8, 2023. In advance of the lease expiration, the City of Ketchikan has retained ECG Management Consultants to assess our current lease agreement with PeaceHealth and the services delivered to the community and in response develop a negotiation strategy. A situational assessment was completed in October 2019 and the findings were presented to the City Council to inform a successor lease and operations agreement with PeaceHealth.

An important component of this project has been gathering public input regarding community healthcare challenges as well as the strengths and improvements needed in local healthcare. The City Council remains interested in hearing from the community on this project. A document summarizing the findings and direction of this project is available for review here.

Ketchikan Medical Center Strategic Partnership Planning: Situational Assessment and Contract Goals

For direct questions on this project, please contact Lacey Simpson, Assistant City Manager, at 907-228-5603 or