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Fire Department - Services

BLS/CPR Education

BLS and CPR classes are available through the following facilities.  Please contact them directly to schedule training.

Car Seat Inspections

The City of Ketchikan Fire Department has trained car seat technicians to assist with installing and/or inspecting the installation of your car seat.  As grant funding is available, we OCCASIONALLY have car seats available.  Please call Fire Station 1 at 225-9616 between the hours of 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday or email  for more information or to schedule a car seat installation.

For more information on car seat safety check out the following websites:  - This is a NHTSA, U.S. DOT, and sponsored  - This site is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety  - Safe Ride Helpline for Child Passenger Safety

Station Tours

We receive a considerable number of requests for station/apparatus tours and public education visits.  To accommodate the operational needs of the fire department as well as the tour and public education requests from the public, we schedule tours for Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00am (exceptions may be made on a case by case basis).

If you would like a tour of Station 1 or would like a crew to come to you for public education (only within city limits) you need to schedule at least 1 week in advance.  When scheduling a tour you may call (907) 225-9616 or email and leave the following information: facility/group you are representing, number of kids and approximate age group, a contact person and phone number; if you are requesting public education we will also need your requested topic, location, and class number (if applicable).

Please understand that tours are given by on duty emergency personnel who are subject to emergency calls.  Therefore, the on-duty personnel may not be available for your scheduled tour or may have to leave before the tour is over.

Chimney Brush Checkout

Dirty chimneys cause multiple fire calls each year.  We have chimney cleaning brushes and rods of multiple shapes and sizes available for use by the public, free of charge.  Measure the interior diameter of your chimney as well as the length of your chimney.  Bring that information with you to Fire Station 1 between the hours of 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday to sign out a set of rods and a chimney brush.  To accommodate everyone, we ask that you return the brush and rods within five days.

Burn Permits

Residents living inside the city limits may request burn permits to conduct a controlled burn of natural vegetation.  To request a controlled burn permit, call Central Dispatch at 907-225-6631.

             When requesting a controlled burn permit the resident must agree to:

  • Have a competent adult on site of the controlled burn;
  • Have a reliable water source available; and
  • Only burn during daylight hours and have the fire completely extinguished by dusk.

            Burn permits will be revoked and the fire extinguished for failure to comply with above conditions or:

  • If the smoke from the burn becomes a nuisance (as determined by on duty KFD personnel); or
  • If the burn becomes uncontrolled.