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Museums - Collection Overview

Sharing the Collection
The Museums offer the public access to the collections by fulfilling requests for research and photograph reproduction. In addition to individuals and businesses, we provided images and historical information for use by federal, state and local governments, local and statewide media services, Ketchikan Visitors Bureau, Historic Ketchikan, Ketchikan Daily News, Ketchikan Story Project and other organizations.  In 2015, the department completed 301 research and photo requests, a record high. The 2015-2016 Then & Now exhibit provided an opportunity for the museums’ first online exhibit. Over 100 images were shared on the City’s website, allowing the public to select a historic image from the collection to recreate.

Taking Care of the Collection
In 2014, the department completed a $8,800 Museums Alaska Collections Management Grant to relocate and rehouse the textile collections. An $8,780 Grant‐in‐Aid from the Alaska State Museum expanded the security system of the Centennial Building in 2015 and a $7,831 Collections Management Fund grant from Museums Alaska was used to purchase archival quality cases for the Totem Heritage Center.

Developing the Collection
We were honored to receive a donation of a totem pole carved by Tsimshian Native artist David Boxley. The historic pole is Boxley’s first carved pole and the first totem pole to be raised in the community of Metlakatla. Seventeen additional donations were acquired in 2014.  In 2015, we received a bequest from the late Peter Corey that includes items made by master Haida weaver Selina Peratrovich. The star of the collection is a spruce root hat painted with a frog design by Nathan Jackson accompanied by a cedar bark cover hat. Over 70 additional donations were acquired for the permanent collection.  A moratorium on collecting in the later half of 2016 was enacted as artifacts and archives were moved to a safe location to accommodate access to plumbing and mechanical during the 2016-2017 renovation.