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Museums - Acquisitions

Thank you for your interest in the City of Ketchikan Museum Department collections and archives. We appreciate you considering us as potential caretakers of your history. Donations to the Museums’ collections follow a process in accordance with standards and guidelines supported by the American Alliance of Museums. When a donation is offered, the donor is asked to complete a Temporary Custody Receipt. This gives the Museum Department permission to consider the gift for the collection.

Once a month, the Acquisition Review Committee meets to consider all new donation offers. We evaluate them based on their connection to our mission, whether there is documentation and history for the artifact, whether the piece is already represented in the collections, and its condition. Other criteria specific to each donation is also considered. If accepted by the Committee, the donor will be issued a Deed of Gift. Once signed, the Deed of Gift transfers ownership to the Museum and completes the donation. All donations are unconditional and unrestricted gifts to the Museum.

If you are interested in donating objects to the collection, please contact Senior Curator of Collections Hayley Chambers or call the Tongass Historical Museum at (907) 225-5600.