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Museums - Collection Overview

Sharing the Collection
The Museums offer the public access to the collections by fulfilling requests for research and photograph reproduction. In addition to individuals and businesses, we provided images and historical information for use by federal, state and local governments, local and statewide media services, Ketchikan Visitors Bureau, Historic Ketchikan, Ketchikan Daily News, Ketchikan Story Project and other organizations.  We complete over 300 research and photo requests each year.

Taking Care of the Collection
Grants from Museums Alaska, the Alaska State Museum and others have allowed us to continue to upgrade how we care for the collection.  In recent years, we've rehoused textiles and artwork, expanded the security system, purchased archival cases and digitized out-of-date media thanks to this grant support.  We strive to follow the museum field's best practices to ensure the safety of the collection in perpetuity.

Developing the Collection
We are honored to receive donations from the community (and often former community members living outside of Alaska)!  If you have a family heirloom, historical documents and just something interesting from Ketchikan's past, and are interested in donating it to the Museum, please contact our Collections staff at 907-225-5600.  We often put calls for particular items on social media to help address gaps in our collection or special needs for an upcoming exhibit.