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Tongass Historical Museum Exhibits

Ketchikan is ... 
Ketchikan is ... resilient, resourceful and independent.  These were just a few of the ideas that people shared with us through community forums, interviews and social media.  Building upon these fundamental concepts as well as decades of preserving Ketchikan’s stories, we are honored 
to present a new permanent exhibit at the Tongass Historical Museum. 

Collected Memory: the Michael Nore Archive
Photographs of Early Ketchikan

This temporary exhibition from the archives of Michael Nore contains a curated series of snapshots that offer a glimpse into early moments of Ketchikan’s history. Pulled from scrapbooks, photo albums, and postcards, it becomes a window to life during Ketchikan’s early years. Through the lens of residents, visitors, and those firsthand accounts, we see how they remembered our community.  On exhibit through December 21, 2018.

Totem Heritage Center Exhibits

The Totem Heritage Center houses a priceless collection of 19th century totem poles and other carvings, retrieved in the 1970s from the Tlingit villages at Tongass Island and Village Island and from the Haida village of Old Kasaan on Prince of Wales Island.  In addition, the Center features contemporary Northwest Coast art.