Police Department - Dispatch

The Central Dispatch is supervised by a Dispatch Supervisor and has 8 full time and 2 temporary dispatchers assigned to it. They provide emergency dispatch services to the Ketchikan Police Department, Ketchikan Fire Department, North and South Tongass Volunteer Fire Departments. 

Dispatch and Communications Services:  The dispatch center is open 24-hours a day for telephone or walk-in reports or problems. A number of city forms are available for the convenience of the public, e.g. accident report forms, bicycle licenses, street painting/sign requests, excavation permits, parking citation appeal forms, sex offender registration forms, etc. There are public restrooms, a public telephone, and vending machines in the lobby. The dispatch center is also the primary answer point for all 911 calls originating on Revilla or Gravina Islands. Dispatchers route emergency calls to the appropriate responding agencies. 

Record Keeping:  The dispatch center retains copies of public contacts/incidents reported to the department, which may be obtained by request. The request form is available in the lobby. Upon approval by the appropriate city/state attorney, the reports are provided at a cost of $1 per page, and normally have a wait time of 3-5 business days before being available. Payment for the report is not due until approval, and the dispatch center does not keep change.