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Human Resources - Health and Safety

Protecting the health and safety of employees is a primary concern for the City of Ketchikan / Ketchikan Public Utilities. This goal can be met through the development of a comprehensive and effective environmental health and safety plan that endeavors to eliminate unsafe conditions and minimize the impact of hazardous situations. We will make every reasonable effort to promote, create, and maintain a safe and healthy atmosphere. This can be done by adherence to basic safety principles, sound management practices, and compliance with applicable federal, state and local codes, laws and standards. As an important part of its commitment to compliance, this can be accomplished through the following guidelines:

  1. Eliminate or minimize exposure of employees and the general public to dangerous materials from the operations of the City/KPU.
  2. Work collaboratively with public and private health and safety agencies and organizations to resolve health and safety issues.
  3. Increase operational reliability through a system of internal compliance, surveillance, and monitoring.
  4. Foster management support together, through the commitments of City/KPU resources and the employment of highly skilled professionals.
  5. Exercise continuing efforts to obtain the best available technologies for managing health and safety in the work environment.
  6. Encourage and support communication regarding health and safety issues between employees and management on all levels.

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For immediate concerns, please contact the Safety Coordinator at (907) 228-5657