Ketchikan Historic Commission

Ketchikan Historic Commission

Alaskans respect our collective heritage. We view historic preservation as an essential strategy to promote our communities’ unique identities and as an important component of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Alaskans are empowered with the knowledge and tools needed to advocate for an inclusive approach to preservation that is appropriately balanced with development. Alaska’s preservation community includes a network of people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and disciplines. We work in partnership to identify, preserve, protect, and interpret the state’s cultural, historic, and archaeological resources ensuring that our heritage is passed on to future generations.

The Ketchikan Municipal Code (Chapter 2.88) established the Historic Commission, its membership and its duties.  Learn more here: Municipal Code Chapter 2.88, Ketchikan Historic Commission, current 2015.pdf

Commission Position Available!
The Ketchikan Historic Commission is seeking one community representative to serve.  To apply, please contact Commission Secretary, Anita Maxwell, at 225-5600.  

Duties of the commission include:

  • Review and make recommendations about local projects that might affect properties identified in the local historic preservation plan.
  • Review and develop nominations to the National Register of Historic Places for properties within the city of Ketchikan.
  • Act in an advisory role to the Tongass Historical Society, the Ketchikan museum department, Ketchikan Gateway Borough planning and zoning commission, and the Alaska Historic Sites Advisory Committee on all matters concerning historical districts and historic, prehistoric and archaeological preservation in the city of Ketchikan.
  • Develop a local historic preservation plan to include provision for identification, protection and interpretation of the area’s significant resources. Such plan is to be compatible with the Alaska Historic Preservation Plan, and to produce information compatible with and for the Alaska Heritage Resources Survey.
  • The historic preservation commission shall work toward the continuing education of citizens regarding historic preservation and the committee’s history.
  • The commission shall support the enforcement of the Alaska Historic Preservation Act

Chapter 2.88 of the Ketchikan Municipal Code established the Ketchikan historic commission which shall be composed of 10 members appointed by the mayor with approval of the city council, and shall serve without compensation. 

Commission Members:

Christa Bruce, community representative
Silvia Greuter, community representative
Kristina Hill, Archaeologist 
Deborah Hayden, Vice Chair, Historian representative
Licha Kelley-King, Ketchikan Gateway Borough Planning Commission representative
Dragon London, Chair
Anita Maxwell, City Council designee, Secretary
Amanda Welsh, Architect and Tongass Historical Society representative
VACANT, community representative


Richard Harney, Ketchikan Gateway Borough Planning Department
Alethea Johnson, Ketchikan Gateway Borough Planning Department

Become a Commissioner! 
If you're interested in applying to be part of the Ketchikan Historic Commission, please fill out an application and send to the Commission secretary at  

Commission Minutes:
Meetings are held monthly, every 4th Thursday at 3 p.m.  Meetings are held at the Tongass Historical Museum or via Zoom.  Agenda packets are available one week prior to the meeting.

The public is welcome to attend. Call 225-5600 to verify location

Hx Comm mtg packet 1.7.19.pdf
Hx Comm mtg packet 2.5.19.pdf
Hx Comm mtg packet 3.25.19.pdf
Historic Comm packet 4.29.19.pdf
Hx Comm mtg packet 5.20.19.pdf
Hx Comm mtg packet 6.24.19.pdf
No meeting 7.22.19 - canceled
No meeting 8.26.19 - no quorum
Hx Comm mtg packet 9.23.19.pdf
Hx Comm mtg packet 10.28.19.pdf
Hx Comm mtg packet 11.18.19.pdf
No December meeting

Hx Comm mtg packet 1.13.20.pdf
No meeting 2.27.20 - no quorum
No meeting 3.36.20 - canceled due to COVID-19
No meeting 4.23.20 - canceled due to COVID-19
Hx Comm mtg packet 5-28-20.pd
No meeting 6.25.20 - canceled
Hx Comm mtg packet 7-23-20.pdf
Hx Comm mtg packet 8-27-20.pdf
Hx Comm mtg packet 9-24-20.pdf
Hx Comm mtg packet 10-22-20.pdf
Hx Comm mtg packet 11-19-20.pdf
No December meeting

Hx Comm mtg packet 1-28-21.pdf Hx Comm mtg packet 2-25-21.pdf

Historical Districts:

Creek Street
Creek Street Historical Survey 2011.pdf


Downtown Historical Survey 2011.pdf


Newtown Historical Survey 2015.pdf


Stedman-Thomas Historical Survey coming soon

Local Resources:

Historic Ketchikan - local non-profit organization that promotes economic development through historic preservation and heritage tourism

Ketchikan Museums - Collections staff can assist with a variety of historical research requests.  Please call 225-5600 to set up an appointment.

State Resources:

Alaska Architectural Style Guide

Alaska State Historic Preservation Office - works with local governments, the public, and educational and not-for-profit organizations to identify, preserve, protect, and interpret the state’s cultural, historic, and archaeological resources ensuring that our heritage is passed on to future generations.

Alaska State Historic Preservation Plan 

Preservation Plan Resources:

Retreat minutes Sept2018.pdf

Ketchikan Historic Preservation Goals, 2020 DRAFT.pdf

SHPO CLG Grant Application FY19 overview.pdf

Alaska Planning Resources

Anchorage Historic Preservation Program

Juneau Pres Plan draft 2018.pdf


For More Information: Contact the Ketchikan Museums at 225-5600 or visit the Tongass Historical Museum, 629 Dock Street, Ketchikan, AK 99901