Fire Department - FAQ's
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Do you trade patches?

Yes, we have a patch exchange program. You can come to the station and get a patch, if you do not have a patch to exchange we will provide you with our patch exchange card so you can send one back to us when you get the chance. You can also email and request a patch be sent to you, you will need to include your name and address; if you live outside of the U.S. you will need to send a self-addressed envelope with postage to 70 Bawden St., Ketchikan, AK 99901.

Do you give tours of the station/public education?

Yes, we do provide SCHEDULED tours of the station, and conduct public education visits for more information regarding this topic visit the “Station Tours” webpage in the “Our Services” section of the website.

What type of staffing does your department have?

We are a combination fire department; with a full time staff of 4 administrative personnel, and 15 career personnel, supplemented by approximately 15-25 volunteers.

Do you sell t-shirts, patches, etc.?

Ketchikan Fire Department does not sell these items.  However, when volunteer staff is available to open the museum our non-profit group “Ketchikan Volunteer Fire Department” does sell shirts, patches, coins, etc.  There is also a vending machine located in our lobby that has made in USA union shirts, stickers, etc.

How many calls do you run in a year?

On average we respond to about 2100 calls per year.

What shift system does your department use?

We have three shifts (A, B, and C) that work a 48/96 shift schedule.

Do you teach CPR/BLS classes?

BLS and CPR classes are available through the following facilities.  Please contact them directly to schedule training.

Are you hiring?

When we are hiring, all job postings will appear here  with the job description and access to apply online. 

Fire Prevention
What is this yellow sticker on my business?

The yellow stickers are a notice that your business must be inspected before you may open to the public.

How do I schedule an inspection?

If you are a year-round business you may call the fire station at 225-9616 and schedule with the Fire Marshal. If you are a seasonal business you will need to pay the inspection fee before an inspection can be performed, you may pay in person at City Hall (334 Front St.) or over the phone by calling Juanita Day in Finance at 225-3111. Finance will then forward your information to the Fire Department and we will send a crew to conduct the inspection on a first come first served basis.

What size fire extinguisher is required for a business?

The number, size, and type of extinguishers required vary based on the type and size of your occupancy, the minimum size extinguisher required in any occupancy is at least a 2A10BC.  If you have additional questions regarding fire extinguishers please contact the Fire Marshal at 225-9616.

How do I get a burn permit?

Burn Permits can be obtained by calling Central Dispatch at 225-6631.  Before calling please review the “Burn Permits” webpage in the “Our Services” section of the website.

Do I need a building permit for ____?

The City of Ketchikan, Department of Public Works, Building Inspection Division manages the building permit program and works closely with the Fire Marshal to coordinate all plan reviews.  Information regarding whether or not a building permit is required can be found on the Public Works-Building Inspections page.