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                                        ROBERT SIVERTSEN MAYOR


I am pleased to welcome you to the City of Ketchikan's web site. Whether you are a Ketchikan resident seeking information about local government, or a computer user elsewhere in the world wanting to learn about our community, I hope that you find this web site both useful and informative.

One of my goals as Mayor is to make city government more accessible to Ketchikan residents. Providing Internet access to local government is an important part of reaching that goal. Through this web site, citizens have the ability to discover a great deal of government information from their homes or workplaces. People who live outside of our community will be able to explore the beauty of the Ketchikan area, and plan a trip to visit our community.

The City of Ketchikan website contains the latest information about City Council meetings, new ordinances, notices about construction and other bids, and a great deal of information about City departments and community events. Citizens are able to send emails to the Mayor and City Council, and to obtain phone numbers and email addresses for City departments and employees.

If you live outside Ketchikan, please use this website and its associated links to find information that will be useful for planning a trip to our community

Feel free to "visit" any of our facilities at your leisure. Thank you for visiting our web site!