CARES Act Funding / COVID-19 Support Programs

We're in this Together

The City of Ketchikan recognizes the challenges facing our community as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This portal is designed to help Ketchikan’s employers, residents, business owners, and leaders navigate available resources. Together we will reconnect, rebuild, and recover from the ongoing economic impact of this public health crisis. We are Ketchikan STRONG.

As a result of the response to our first round of CARES Act subsidies, we have established a plan to provide ongoing financial support to residents of the City of Ketchikan. We will continue to share resources, ideas, and information as we bolster the recovery process.

Applications for the Electric Utility Subsidy program closed on August 31st,, and applications for the Non-Profit Relief and Recovery program closed on September 11th. Based on previous application patterns and community demand, we have elected to further develop the other subsidies in our CARES Act Grant Subsidy program to fit the needs of a greater percentage of the population.

The City of Ketchikan has established the programs listed below to continue to assist residents and businesses facing economic hardship. Note that the requirements, due dates, and award amounts of these programs have changed.

Application deadlines and criteria vary with each program. Please review general information detailed within the applications for each program. Completed forms must be emailed or returned to the addresses indicated on each form.

Printed copies of current grant applications are available to pick up at the Public Library, the Harbormaster’s Office, City Hall, Community Connections, and KPU Customer Service in the Plaza Mall.

Additional relief programs are being administered by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough and Community Connections. See links below.

We're Here for You.